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African American Legacy: California College Experience  is the result of  professionals -- no matter their location --  collectively working together to  support and inspire young people.  The California College Black Experience is brought to life through voices unheard before in this way.

Our 2018  Podcast Series highlights African American graduates from California colleges and universities from 1967 to present.   The series covers careers in law, public policy, medicine, architecture, engineering, technology, arts, teaching, social science --- and many more areas. 

Our mini-podcasts will be provided free of charge to students, families and teachers.  The expected release date for the book series is October  2018.

The California College Experience (CACollegeXP) has  brought young people into dialogue with leaders from most major campuses in California since 2012.  The CACollegeXP is a platform developed by Barber Consulting which has worked with leaders in public, corporate and academic sectors since 1991.


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