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Executive Coaching &

Leadership Development





LEVEL 1  (4 Months)

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Institutional leaders have the option of receiving executive coaching by itself or while engaging in a high impact community project.  The process helps leaders develop programming that fit institutional, community and personal needs.  


Our Executive Coaching also has a focus on navigating silos and using existing resources creatively and effectively.    Clients can also recommend and  invite partners in their training for an additional fee once the partner has been approved.

Fee: $3,500

Additional Partner Fee: $1,000



LEVEL 2  (6 Months)

Executive Coaching and Leadership Training

Student Internship Opportunities 

with Graduate School Exploration Component

The Executive Coaching & Leadership Training permits higher educational institutional leaders to recommend undergraduate students for placement in internships with established organizations.    Universities benefit because they learn important issues affecting parents, teachers, administrators and their private/government sector partners. 


Company leaders use our training because they are able to meet promising exceptional students seeking employment opportunities --while also making new partnerships with organizational and community leaders.


The California College Experience identifies its community stakeholders as K-12 leaders, private corporations, governmental agencies, and higher educational institutions.   



Student Component

Currently, our college level internship component offers opportunities to explore graduate school and employment options. By visiting graduate school administrators, career advisors, professionals in person and online, students get first hand exposure to graduates school expectations.  In addition, college student interns will work with California middle and high school leaders.


Students will have at least one onsite one-day internship requirement in either northern, southern, or central California.  Transportation to the one required onsite event  is the responsibility of the recommending institution.  All other student assignments may be done through our distant learning portal.   Onsite internships opportunities are also available.  


Nominated or selected interns can reside anywhere in California.  All internships are unpaid unless additional funds are made available and paid by the nominating institution.


$ 5,000

Four (4) hours of executive coaching with campus administrator and placement of  two (2) interns



Four (4) hours of executive coaching with campus administrator and placement four (4) interns



Six (6) hours of executive coaching with campus administrator and placement (6) interns

Final selection of all students are made by our.  Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply and/or seek nomination from their institutions for the college internship program.

What is the California College Experience (CACollegeXP?)

The CACollegeXP is a platform where leaders who have graduated from California colleges and universities --- and their networks ---convene to help prepare the next generation of leaders.

Click here:  Fees for individuals    or   Fees for Institutions.

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